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Obesity in Dogs and Cats



Obesity is the most common problem seen in both adult dogs and cats. It is in fact a disease and not just the description of dog’s or cat’s weight. Therefore it requires immediate veterinary attention.
Predisposing factors for obesity are:
Incorrect feeding protocol – feeding incorrect amount or diet.– spaying/neutering. It is well known that sterilised pets are prone to gain weight due to slowing down of metabolic rate, which in turn results in storage of calories as opposed to their utilisation.and associated problems, particularly arthritis.diseases, least common and only diagnosed after ruling other factors out.
What happens if we ignore obesity?
Average life span of your pet is greatly reduced. Obese animals are likely to suffer more from arthritis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Also, they are at higher risk of developing Diabetes (high blood sugar) and other hormonal problems.
How to fight obesity?
Start immediately. Putting an old pet on diet can provoke many metabolic imbalances and therefore is considered as a “risky move”.our “weigh-less” clinic, now. This will help you to become disciplined about your pets feeding programme. Your pet will be assessed prior to beginning of such programme as well as it’s weight monitored on weekly basis until it reaches it’s target weight. For more info, contact your Bedfordview  Veterinary Team about this programme.the goal weight has been reached, try to maintain it for the rest of your pet’s life. This does not mean life long dieting, provided that you adhere to  recommended daily  dietary requirements for your pet.
Good luck, and see you soon!

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