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Before You Buy Gifts for Pets
Before buying gifts intended specifically for pets, it is important to know about the general health and lifestyle of that pet.

Gifts For Cats

Catnip and treats are popular cat gifts. Some cats could care less about Catnip. Tuna cat treats for a fish-allergic cat can turn happy holidays into horrible holidays if the cat has an allergic reaction. If the cat belongs to a friend or family member and you are not sure of any allergies or other health problems, it is a good idea to ask first before buying any food-related items or treats.

Gifts For Dogs

As with cats, it is important to know the general health and lifestyle of the dog, so the gift will be a healthy and appropriate one. Unlike cats, dogs differ more in size, breed, and favorite pastimes than do cats. Edible chew toys, like rawhides and pig's ears, can be dangerous and should be avoided - when ingested, they may cause intestinal blockage or upset.



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