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Ringworm is caused by a fungus that grows on an animal’s skin. There are a number of fungi which cause ringworm.

It manifests as a hairless area that may be inflamed and scaly.

Diagnosis of ringworm can be difficult. Some of the fungi fluoresce under an ultra-violet light, which makes diagnosis relatively easy. In other cases the diagnosis can only be made by culturing the fungus, or on microscopic examination of skin samples by a pathologist.

Ringworm is most commonly seen in young animals, but does sometimes occur in adults. It is highly contagious to other young animals. It can be transmitted to humans, especially to young children.

Treatment is by topical application of a dip, shampoo or ointment. An oral medication is also available, which is normally used in conjunction with topical treatment.

Ringworm often takes a long time to respond to treatment.

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